Preparing to sell

A well presented home sells faster

Our homes become familiar over time and it’s easy to overlook or dismiss deficiencies.  When someone sees your home for the first time, they have a completely different view of the space. Look at your home from a critical view point and see if it looks different to you.

Everyone wants to buy a move-in ready house that smells fresh and is in good repair. Most people will have only a day or two to move houses and the average person won’t be interested in renovating. Only investors or wholesale buyers will look forward to painting your cabinets or replacing carpets and they will offer a lower price.

When preparing to sell, it’s helpful to look at similar homes to see the level at which they are staged. Your home may be compared to new homes in the same neighbourhood and for this reason it’s important to make it show well.

With so many choices available, your home needs to look its very best to attract offers. A little preparation and forethought will make your home a stand-out in the crowd.


Should you have your home pre-inspected?

Peace of mind is as important to potential buyers as location, curb appeal, and a good price. For this reason, you might consider having your home pre-inspected. Pre-inspection allows you to fix any problems and will assure buyers that there are no surprises.

A pre-inspected home eliminates any last-minute price negotiations if an inspection uncovers a needed repair. Sometimes, a less than favourable inspection report can bring the whole purchase into question.

A guaranteed pre-inspection is a powerful selling tool because it reassures buyers that you’re offering the real McCoy. It can help build trust by reducing “buyer beware”  anxiety and this can speed up negotiations. A professional pre-inspection allows you to give prospective buyers a written checklist of the home’s major systems and assets. It will outline any needed repairs or concerns and estimates the lifespan of the structural components.