Showing tips

Preparing for visitors

You Have a Showing

A real buyer is coming to see your home

From time-to-time, your real estate agent will call and make an appointment to show your home to a potential buyer. It is during the showing that your home needs to look its very best. It might be helpful to create a plan of action and assign duties to family members so your home can be prepared for a showing on short notice.

Make the house bright and cheerful by turning on all the lights and opening the window coverings. Open windows while you are staging for the showing so the air is fresh. Consider placing fresh flowers on the dining room table. Be sure clutter is put away and the garbage bin is empty. If its winter, set your thermostat to be a little warmer than usual so the house feels welcoming and cozy. Make room for boots and overcoats near the entrance. Some buyers might be interested to see photos of your garden or landscaping if its not summer time. Pets should be in a confined area or outside.